Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vendor Introduction

Our first vendor intro is for Kristin Palmer. She makes very unique baby and kid items. This is a picture of her baby leggings. They are great for arms and legs. She also makes skirts to match for the perfect outfit. She also sells crochet headbands and lots of girl hair accessories. Like brown and black flowers, and her original tulle puff. She is the mother of 3 boys and says that's why she loves to create girly things.
The second picture is her unique baby bibs. You purchase the clip which can be used with a napkin, washcloth, or handmade bibs like the one above. The clip is great for on the go at a restaurant or at Grandma's.

She also recently started doing kids' pictures in at the Bazaar. Here are a couple examples. She provides the tutus, wings, and hair accessories. Which are all available for sale. Come and see her stuff! She's always bringing in new items!

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